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Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Homeowners may be qualified to claim 30% of the installed costs in tax credits for installing ground loop or ground water geothermal heat pumps. Visit for specific details.

As the prices of oil and natural gas continue to rise, homeowners continually find it's more and more expensive to heat their homes. And with rising energy costs it's certainly not cheap to air-condition a house in the summer either.

Geothermal pumps offer an alternative to conventional heating and air-conditioning systems that is safe, renewable, environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

Geothermal pumps harness the earth's natural heat contained in the ground and water beneath your home. This heat is extracted using a ground loop installed underneath your house. Once inside the air is compressed to whatever temperature you desire, heating or cooling your home without the use of fossil fuels and without damaging the environment. Best of all, geothermal pumps can be installed under nearly any lot.

At PJ Mechanical LLC, we specialize in providing a variety of commercial and residential geothermal pumps to the greater Boston area. Our talented staff of specialty HVAC technicians is well versed in area soil types and geological conditions so we can find the optimal pump to heat and cool your home or office. We are also skilled in any repairs or maintenance that you may need to perform on your geothermal system.

Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency have shown that homes utilizing geothermal pumps cutback heating costs by up to 70%, quickly saving more than the initial costs of pumps themselves.

Save money and the environment by going geothermal today, call PJ Mechanical LLC right now. For more information about geothermal, visit or